About All Of My Recipes

About All Of My Recipes

We do hope you are enjoying the recipes contained on our website.  It is our main focus to provide you with easy to prepare, wholesome, recipes!

When I launched this website All Of My Recipes I explained the end result of the question, “Where do I store all of my recipes”, but it didn’t address how I accumulated them all or why.

In my adult years I have been the designated cook when the family would get together. Over the years I have heard, “You have got to open your own restaurant.”  and  “It’s so good! How did you make that out of nothing?”  Or, kids at the refrigerator door whining, “There’s nothing to eat,”  I can create a well balanced meal.

Anyone who has a family knows it can be frustrating when your seven year old asks you to make that “thing” you made that time, a long time ago with those green things in it.  Ah!  Even if I could figure out what it was I probably couldn’t replicate it because I didn’t record what I put in it!  So, there it began!

When I make something I jot down notes where ever it is handy, envelopes are my main victim because their is always mail laying around, counter tops have not been spared from a recipe or two, in desperate times I’ve penned ingredients on my arm!  Now when anyone asks me.”How did you make this?” Or tells me,”You should open a restaurant, seriously, you should.”  I can hand them the recipe in full and tell them, “Here, it’s simple. You can make it too.”

There’s no arduous cooking utensils, methods or ingredients here.  You’ll find the standard ingredients that can be purchased in the local market, or more than likely, you have on hand.  There are a few recipes that take some time to create like the sourdough base.  But that doesn’t mean it’s hard to create at all.  It’s easy, it just takes several days for the fermenting (ferment = growing of the yeast).  I encouraged you to give it a try.  Once you have the base sourdough there’s several, easy to follow, recipes you can make with it!  Sourdough English muffins, doughnuts and sourdough bread!

Recipes, Recipes! Where Do I Store All Of My Recipes?!

Many, or should I say most, of the recipes you will find are the recipes our grandparents made!  Some of the recipes are not for the faint of heart!  Not that they are difficult to follow, but they take several days to create.  I enjoy a recipe that has to sit overnight marinating or fermenting.  When its finally done its really delicious!  And you made it, that’s even better!   Make sure to read the full instructions before embarking on a new recipe.  A couple of incredibly delicious bread recipes take 3 days to make!! So plan accordingly and you’ll be rewarded with an awesome bread your family will love!


When I had a hang of how website administrating worked I started adding more categories and items of interest plus a giveaway little cookbook with one of my Holiday favorite cookie recipes.  You can create three distinctly different cookies out of one base dough!

And now, here we are!