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Taco Salad

There are several variations at the bottom of the recipe. Try them all! Preparation Time:  40 minutes (10 minutes chopping and grating) Bake Time: No baking. Ingredients: 1 lb. Ground beef, browned and drained           1 package taco seasoning mix           1 cup water 1 head lettuce, torn up 

Grandma’s Potato Salad

Grandma’s Potato Salad can easily be altered to make Macaroni Salad!  If your family is anything like mine, half the people want Potato Salad and the other half wants Macaroni Salad. This recipe can work easily for either group.  A slight alteration and you can have Macaroni Salad too! (Instructions at the bottom)   Preparation

Deliciously Easy Fudge

This Is My Deliciously Easy Fudge Recipe Can you eat fudge any day of the year! I sure can.  With the holiday season upon us it just makes it that much more excusable right?!  I just finished making my absolute favorite fudge.There’s no baking, no stove top work, just a microwave for a few minutes