Chestnut Dressing

Chestnut Dressing

Chestnut Dressing

Preparation time: The bread crumbs need to set overnight to dry out. Then the vegetables need to be cleaned, chopped and measured, and then the recipe can be prepared, so give yourself at least an hour total preparation time.

Bake time:  40 – 50 minutes


1 large loaf of French or Italian bread           2 Tbls unsalted butter             2 cups yellow onion, diced

½ lb cooked ham, chopped                            1 ½ cups celery, chopped         1 cup red bell pepper, chopped

2 tsp crushed dried sage                                  2 cups chicken stock                  1 lb chestnuts, peeled and chopped

3 – 4 Tbls parsley                                             ½ tsp salt for taste                    1/4 tsp fresh pepper for taste

Prep French/Italian Bread:

Prepare the French or Italian bread by ripping it into chunks small enough for a food processor. Process until broken into small pieces, but not dust. Place on a large cookie sheet in the oven (no heat!) and allow to dry overnight.


Put the unsalted butter into a large frying pan and set to medium heat.

When the unsalted butter has melted add the onions, ham, celery, bell pepper and sage. Saute until onion becomes translucent (5 minutes).

Put the breadcrumbs in a large bowl, and using a large for to toss the breadcrumbs, add the chicken stock. Toss until the breadcrumbs are all moistened evenly.

Add the chestnuts, parsley, salt and pepper. Mix well.

Butter a 3 quart baking dish. Pour the mixture into the baking dish.

Bake at 375 degrees for 40 – 50 minutes. It’s done when golden brown on top.


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