Chicken A’ La King

Chicken A’ La King

Chicken A’La King

This is a great after Thanksgiving dish. Just exchange the chicken for turkey!

Preparation time:  30 – 35 minutes

Bake time:  no bake time


4 cups cooked and cut up turkey or chicken meat                                         ½ cup flour

1 tsp salt                                                           ¼ tsp pepper                        4 cups milk

1 cube butter                                                    2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce  1 small can sliced mushrooms

1 can peas, drained                                          1 small jar diced pimentos


In a large skillet melt butter. With wire whip gradually blend in flour making sure all flour is absorbed by the butter.

Gradually stir in milk stirring constantly until mixture thickens. Do not let boil, and do not cover.

Add salt, pepper, Worcestershire, milk, sliced mushrooms, peas and pimentos.

Keep warm over low heat until ready to serve.

Serve over rice, bread or noodles!

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