Daily Calories Needed For Good Health

Daily Calories Needed For Good Health

The Average Woman

How many calories a day do you need for good health? A quick answer, for the average woman to remain in good health she needs to consume 2000 calories everyday. That same average woman would need to consume 1500 calories every day if she wants to lose weight. A healthy diet will have the average woman consume 500 calories less than the normal 2000 she needs to maintain her weight for good health. If a diet requires the average woman to consume less than 1500 calories everyday it is not a healthy diet. The average woman may lose weight, water weight, but the pounds will come right back if they are lost too quickly, plus she won’t feel well during this type of dieting action. At 1500 calories she will lose weight that will stay off in a more permanent fashion.

The Average Man

The average man requires 2500 calories everyday to maintain his weight. That same average man would need to consume 500 less calories to lose weight in a healthy manner, so that brings his total daily calorie intake down to 2000 calories everyday if he wants to lose weight.


Health.gov is a great source of information about our Nations eating habits. The Estimated Calorie Needs Per Day By Age, Sex and Physical Activity Level can be accessed by going to the Health.gov website or you can download the .pdf of the exact information found on the Health.gov website.

From the same source, Health.gov, information that reflects the recommended amounts of fats, sodium and sugar we should consume and what we are actually consuming. Sugar consumption is almost off the chart, but what was most distressing for myself was the sodium chart! So many of my favorite food items were on that pie chart! I am determined to eat better this year to obtain my best health ever, so I can do this, I can! You can check it out yourself at the government website or download the .pdf that contains the exact information as the website.

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