Fantastic Scrambled Eggs

Fantastic Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of the very first recipes many of us learn to whip up in a kitchen. Over many years I experimented with all kinds of scrambled egg hacks! Scrambled eggs with cheese added; scrambled eggs with milk added, water added, chives added, olives added, sausage added, bacon added and the list goes on. After trying all those variations, and some were very good, the recipe I found I really enjoyed the most…..scrambled eggs, with a pinch of salt, period. No secret ingredient, no fancy stuff, just scrambled eggs.


Preparation time:  1 minute

Bake time:  1 minute (skillet time)


1 – 3 Eggs                1 Tbs Butter         Salt


Set your burner to medium.

Crack how ever many eggs you want into a bowl.  The more eggs you use, the longer the skillet time will be.  Between 1 – 3 eggs cook for about 1 minute.  4 – 6 eggs give about 1 1/2 minutes to 2 minutes.

Add a pinch of salt per egg.  1 egg = 1 pinch.  2 eggs = 2 pinches. 3 eggs – 3 pinches, and so on.

Either use a wire whisk or electric beaters and mix the eggs and salt until well blended.

Put your non-stick skillet on the warm burner.

Add the butter.  For more eggs use more butter accordingly.

Pour the blended eggs into the pan whether the butter is melted or not.  As the eggs become set (you can see it setting in the skillet) move them around, flipping, stirring, etc.  Keep them moving. Only let the eggs sit in one spot for less than half a minute (eggs over cook easily).

The eggs are done when they are still shiny!  Eggs continue to cook after they’ve been removed from the burner. For scrambled eggs shiny is the best time to remove them from the burner.  Shiny does NOT mean they are still drippy and gooey.  It means they are firm, yet still shiny.

Serve with a slice of toast and fresh fruit!  It’s beautiful!


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