French Onion Soup In A Bread Bowl

French Onion Soup In A Bread Bowl

French Onion Soup In A Bowl

French onion soup is one of my favorites! This recipe the soup is served in a french bread bowl but it can be served in a regular bowl that is oven safe.


Bake time: 6 minutes

Preparation time: 45 minutes


2 Tbs. Butter             2 large white onions, sliced                  1 pkg French Onion Soup

2/3 cup grated gruyere chesse                   6 french bread buns


Take the french bread buns and cut the top of and remove the soft bread inside, so they resemble a bowl, set aside (keep the tops and soft inside bread for later)..

Heat oven to 500°.

Put butter into a large sauce pan over medium heat to melt.

Add white onions, cook, stirring frequently, 20 minutes until onions are tender and light brown.

Reduce heat to a simmer, cover sauce pan and cook another 10 minutes.

Stir in just 1/3 cup of the cheese.

Ladle soup into the bread bowls. Place bread tops and soft bread from the insides on top. Sprinkle with remaining cheese.

Bake in oven for 6 minutes until cheese is melted.

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