Hip to Waist Excess Fat

Hip to Waist Excess Fat

Your hip to waist ratio can give you an inside look about your overall health. Sometimes it’s hard to determine if that little bit of belly fat is normal for your size or do you need to lose a few extra pounds?

Your hip to waist ratio should be no more than 0.8 if you are a woman and 0.95 for a man. If your hip to waist ratio runs outside of this number your risk for heart problems and other excess fat related problems increases. The larger the number the higher your risk factor. You should seriously consider losing a few pounds.

If your hip to waist ratio is at or below the number allowed, Congratulations! You are taking great care of your body!

To determine your hip to waist ratio:

With a flexible tape measure, measure your waist, no cheating let that belly hang where it naturally does, measure at your navel around your back. Waist____________

Then, measure your hips around the widest area (across your buttocks). Hips _________

Divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement. This is your hip to waist ratio!

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