Oyster Stuffing

Oyster Stuffing

Oyster Stuffing – With Turkey Baking Instructions Too!

Everyone has that one dish that reminds them of Thanksgiving.  Oyster stuffing is the one for me. I could be deaf, dumb and blind, but when I smell oyster stuffing in the oven I know it’s Thanksgiving!!

Preparation time:  30 minutes

Bake time:  Depends on how you choose to bake your turkey. 10 lb turkey = 3 1/2 hrs approx.



1 Uncooked Thanksgiving turkey!                    8 cups dry bread crumbs                   3/4 cup chicken broth

1 cup chopped celery                                       1 yellow onion, chopped                     1/3 cup butter

1/4 tsp. pepper                                                 1/2  tsp. salt                                        1 can Geisha oysters



In a skillet melt butter.  Add celery, onion, salt and pepper.  Saute until onion is just turning opaque.

Put the bread crumbs into a large bowl and pour the saute’ed onion and celery over it.  Toss a few times.

Open the can of oysters and remove them to a cutting board.  Reserve the oil in the can.  Chop the oysters into small pieces about 1/4″ by 1/4 inch.  Add them to the bowl along with the oyster juice in the can.  Toss together until mixed well and bread crumbs are moist.  Add little bits of broth if needed to moisten all the bread crumbs.

Now, get your turkey out.  Remove the gizzards from his neck and cavity.  Rinse the turkey under water, inside and out.

Un-wire his legs (sometimes they use plastic to hold the legs together or nothing at all).  Salt the inside cavity.  Then start putting the stuffing inside the cavity until it is full but not smashed full.  Re-attach the wire, or plastic, to hold the legs together and the stuffing inside. Sometimes there is a flap of skin by the tail that you can tuck the legs into.

Turn the turkey around and stuff the neck cavity as well.  You can tuck the skin in around the stuffing in the neck, or use skewers to close the neck and keep the stuffing in.  Any remaining stuffing can be baked with the turkey.  Add the remaining stuffing either next to the turkey or in a separate bowl, the last 30 minutes of baking.

Put a thermometer into the turkey thigh and cover him with foil to bake.

Now 90% of the people say, “Put the turkey breast side up and brush with oil.  Periodically baste the turkey with the juices in the pan.”  That works just fine, for most people.  I have found that placing the bird breast side down works and tastes better!  Breast side down there is no basting.  All those juices that would drip into the pan don’t drip into the pan when the turkey is breast side down, they drip into his breast meat!  The juiciest turkey breast you’ll ever taste!

Which ever way you choose to cook your turkey, the stuffing is done when the turkey is done and that is when the temperature inside the turkey reaches 180 – 185 degrees.  For a 10 lb bird that’s about 3 1/2 hrs.  If you want to crisp the turkey skin, remove the foil the last 30 minutes (when you add the extra stuffing).

Remove the stuffing from the neck and body cavity before storing in the refrigerator to reduce bacteria from growing.


Happy Holidays!!

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