Steamed Rice Made Better

Steamed Rice Made Better

Steamed Rice Made Better!

Steamed rice doesn’t have to be boring!  Add some awesome flavor to that rice!

Tip:  When you cook a pot of rice adding the correct amount of water can be tricky.  It can also mean the difference between burned rice and soggy rice!  A method I learned forty years ago has proven time and time again, to work perfect!  Pour your desired amount of rice into a pot.  When you add water measure how much you need using your pinky finger!

If you can place your pinky finger into the water up to your first knuckle AND you barely touch the top of the rice, that is the perfect amount of water!  See the photo below…

Preparation time:  5 minutes

Cook time:  20 minutes



Uncooked white rice                                         2 cups water                          1 Tbls broth (chicken, or beef, or pork)

1 Tbls butter



In a medium pot place about 1 to 1 1/2 cups rice, according to how much you want to make.  1 cup will fluff up to about 1 1/2 cups cooked.

Mix into the 2 cups of water 1 Tbls broth.  Using the pinky method above add the broth to the rice in the pot.  Add the butter.

Put the pot on the stove on high heat.  When it comes to a boil, turn the heat way down to low so it is simmering.  Put a lid on it.  Leave it simmering for 20 minutes.  Do NOT open, stir, or disturb, the rice after you have put the lid on. It will not burn if it is on simmer.

After 20 minutes take the rice off the burner and fluff with a fork.

The flavored broth gives the rice just enough flavor to compliment main dishes.  Try each kind of broth to see which your family likes best!

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