Vin Rouge Steak For Two

Vin Rouge Steak For Two

Vin Rouge Steak

Red Wine Steak

Prep time:  20 minutes (slicing veges)

Skillet time:  15 minutes



3/4 lb steak, 3/4″ thick (sirloin)                    2 med. shallots, sliced                                      2 oz can mushrooms, sliced

1 Tbls flour                                                  1/4 cup fat free, low salt chicken broth             1 Tbls tomato paste (ketchup can be substituted)

Salt                                                              Fresh ground pepper                                       1/4 cup dry red wine



Remove fat from steak.  Cut into two pieces.  Spray a medium sized nonstick skillet with Pam and heat to medium high.  Brown the steak 2 minutes on each side.

Lower the heat and add shallots, cook 2 minutes.

Turn the steak and add mushrooms, cook another 2 minutes.

Remove steak to individual plates.

Add flour to the skillet and mix with the vegetables, stir until flour is absorbed.

Raise the heat and add the red wine.  Cook for 1 minute then add the broth and tomato paste.  Continue cooking for 4 -5 minutes to reduce and thicken liquid.

Add salt and pepper for taste.  Spoon sauce over steak and sprinkle with parsley.

Dinner for two!

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